Radio24 is one of the radio stations which aired primarily in Peninsular Malaysia. The station is owned and operated by Bernama, the national news agency of Malaysia. In the Klang Valley, Radio24 is tuned in through 93.9 MHz covering Kuala Lumpur and Selangor while listeners tune in to Radio24 through 107.5 MHz in the southern state of Johor and some parts of Singapore as well.
As the name implies, Radio24 is aired throughout the day, 7 days a week. Its broadcast started in September 2007 where it ran with a slogan of ‘Real Life, Real Time’. This has however changed in 2010 where it has been rebranded using the slogan ‘Fast News, Nonstop Info’ to remain more relevant and contemporary with its listeners.

The main programmes offered by Radio24 include news, interactivity, weather and the latest traffic updates around the city. Radio24 is actually the first news and talk radio station in the country where it occupies the frequency originally used by Klasik Nasional owned by national media company RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia).

Generally, there are hourly news updates which reports on the latest developments and happenings in the domestic, regional and global communities while highlights and latest updates are broadcasted quarter-hourly where required. Its talk-back programmes remain as its flagship segments where the station mainly uses Bahasa Malaysia and English Language.

The broadcasting station for Radio24 is through the headquarters of the company in Wisma Bernama where it has a large listener base from the 8 million people residing in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas.

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