The Radio Klasik FM radio station perhaps has one of the longest histories among all the stations in Malaysia. Listeners would be more familiar with the former Radio 1 or Radio Malaysia Saluran 1 as it was known previously. After that, it was rebranded to Nasional FM before it would change to Radio Klasik FM.
This radio station is among the most popular media in Malaysia as it has been around for many decades. Today, it plays some of the best evergreen local hits and classic songs which have been very popular previously. The station is broadcasted in Bahasa Malaysia with a slogan ‘Segalanya Di Sini, Menggamit Kenangan’ which means ‘Memories are Made Here’ to reflect the identity of the station.

When it started out in 1946, it was known as Radio Malaya and broadcasted from Singapore before moving to Kuala Lumpur in 1959. In 1971, the station started its 24-hours service where it was then the first to operate this way. Over the next few decades, Radio Malaya would change and rebrand before becoming Radio 1 and then on to Radio Malaysia Saluran 1 and to its current name as it is known today.

Later on, Nasional FM and Klasik FM merged to become Klasik Nasional FM but out demerge 5 years later and as such, it is now known as Radio Klasik. Today, Radio Klasik FM can be heard throughout Malaysia where those in the Klang Valley listen to it through 87.7 MHz while those from other parts of the country will tune in through their respective frequencies.

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