hitz.fm is often regarded to be one of the most prominent radio stations in Malaysia which has changed the music industry since it was launched. The broadcaster and operator of hitz.fm is AMP Radio Networks which is a subsidiary of the Astro Holdings Group.

hitz.fm was launched in 1997 together with its sister station Mix FM at a time when there was very limited English language radio stations in Malaysia. hitz.fm frequency in the Klang Valley is 92.9 MHz where it is one of the format radio stations in the country. The station is extremely popular in Malaysia where its Hitz.fm Morning Crew was once the most heard programmes on radio when it was hosted by Lil Kev and FlyGuy, perhaps two of the most popular radio DJs in Malaysia. The Morning Crew has since changed several times and has continued to attract its own following and listeners.

Hitz.fm was originally known as HITZ FM before it was rebranded to hitz.fm in 2001 to be associated with the internet. As reflected in the name of the station, this media is extremely popular among the young and contemporary crowd which plays the latest hits throughout the day.

As such, hitz.fm is more popular among the younger listeners. Those who have followed the development of hitz.fm since 1997 has since grown older and have since moved on to the more adult contemporary music segments which are commonly aired over Mix and Lite FM which are both sister stations to hitz.fm while this station continues to attract those in its market segment.

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