Era FM is the Bahasa Malaysia radio station owned and operated by AMP Radio Networks, a part of the Astro group. This station has one of the highest listeners weekly among all radio stations in Malaysia. Its slogan is ‘Muzik Hit Terbaik’ and has grown from its early beginnings into becoming one of the most prominent media in the country.
Era FM was launched in 1998 at a time when the airwaves were dominated mainly by RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia). A year earlier, Astro had just launched its other format radio stations like and Mix FM and was gaining ground among radio listeners nationwide.

The introduction of Era FM saw its popularity rise together with its sister stations like Hitz and Mix as well as Sinar and MY FM which were primarily focused on specific target audiences. Its main music is in contemporary Malay language music which appeals very well among its listeners. Apart from that, Era FM plays international hits that cover Korean music as well, which is very popular among the Malay listener community.

Its programmes are aired 24 hours a day and 7 days a week where its listener base has been growing over the years. In the Klang Valley, Era FM is heard through 103.3 Mhz which was originally used by the Classic Rock channel before it was revamped. With a growing audience and constantly improving programmes, Era FM has remained very relevant among its listeners where it is known to be heard by millions each week including reaching close to 5 million in 2012.

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