Capital FM is perhaps one of the most unique radio stations to have been established in recent years. It is an English Language radio station owned and operated by The Star Media Group, one of the major media companies in Malaysia which publishes The Star, the most read English Language daily in the country.

Capital FM started its first broadcast in 2008 and with a tagline of ‘Women, the new Capital’. Today, the station goes with ‘The Pulse of the City’ which means that it is mainly focused on listeners in the Klang Valley. Among other radio stations, Capital FM has a very unique listener base where it emphasizes on women especially those living in the urban areas and the surrounding regions.

Capital FM is aired 24 hours a day where it can now be heard as far out as Penang, the southern region of Perak, some parts of Pahang as well as in Negeri Sembilan. When it was launched, Capital FM was positioned as the first women’s radio station which had a list of renowned celebrities like Asha Gill, Joanna Kam and Xandra Oo which appealed very well to urban women in the 25 to 35 age group.

Today, Capital FM continues to offer unique programmes and entertainment to its listeners with a lot of issues for women and the society at large. Although it was intended to target women listeners, Capital FM’s contemporary and relevance have managed to build a strong listener base among men and other demographics as well.

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