Among all the independent radio stations in Malaysia, few would have the history and record of 988 FM where it actually dates back to 1949. Today, 988 FM, which is aired in Chinese Language can be heard throughout Peninsular Malaysia as well as in certain parts of Singapore.
As the name implies, 988 FM’s major frequency is 98.8 Mhz where it can be heard in the Klang Valley covering Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as well as in certain southern parts of Perak. Listeners in other states will have to tune in to other frequencies to listen to 988 FM like 90.4 MHz in Pahang and Southern Terengganu, 101.0 Mhz in Taiping and Gerik and 94.5 MHz in Penang.

The main dialect use din 988FM is Mandarin where the station is operated by Star Publications (M) Sdn Bhd. Its sister company includes Star and Red FM which are very popular and established stations among their respective segments.

988 FM actually became a full service radio station in 1997, a year after it was rebranded, starting out as a trilingual radio station. Today, it is among the top Chinese language radio stations in Malaysia where its main target market are those in the urban and suburban regions. The origins of 988 FM actually date back to 1949 when it was known as Rediffusion, offering cable-transmitted programmes directly to home. When the Arab-Malaysian Group bought over Redifussion in 1989, it was changed to Redifussion Cable Network before it was changed to REDI-FM 98.8 and then changed again to 988 FM after the Star Radio group bought over the station.

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