The album title is Decorate and you would by now have heard of Malaysia’s very own Yuna. Because if you haven’t, then you just need to buy her album and it feels like you seemed to have known her for ages. Yuna’s debut album is surprisingly personal probably due to the way she sings and her little voice gestures which seemed to be talking to you more than singing to you. But sing she did and she does it so beautifully that she seems so close by.

There are 10 tracks where you can forget all the talks and concepts of 1Malaysia by our politicians because this is as ‘kampung’ was we can get. And we mean it in a very modern way. If you want to know Malaysian music and our language, then Decorate is the most ideal one for you. This is because you get the balance of Bahasa Malaysia and English songs here which is the natural of conversation among Malaysians.

Gadis Semasa kicks of the album and you are transported immediately into how well she can sing. ‘These Streets’ then follow suit while you will also enjoy the track ‘Fireworks’ while the track ‘Random Awesome’ gives you the impression that she is totally no from here. If no one tells you and you heard this track over the radio, chances are you will probably be goolging the words and thinking she is from the international scene.

The track ‘Super Something’ is the one you notice on television in commercials while you can get to enjoy her ‘Dan Sebenarnya’ track as a bonus track. If you don’t know where to look, let the CD roll on after ‘Super Something’ and you will get the acoustic version of her most popular tune. Decorate is an appropriate album to enjoy where it is light, easy and truly refreshing.

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