The Foo Fighters –Wasting Light

The Foo Fighters is one of the most original, hard rocking and perhaps closest to its roots what with the likes of former Nirvana Dave Grohl’s at the helm of the band. And by saying original, this is as original as it can get as Grohl decided to record their seventh album at his home garage in California. And the result is explosively 11 tracks with the undiminishing rocking energy that Grohl has come to exude since his Nirvana days. In fact, it is hard to dispel the fact that Grohl is a rocker in his own accord without seeing him in the shadows of Cobain and co because of his energy.

Typically, the new Foo Fighters album has been touted to be one which Grohl wanted to ‘get back to basics’ where after going so far into the wilderness including criticism that he has gone soft or pop, he has decided that getting back into the hard grungy rock sounds would be the best way forward for the band. Hence he has decided that in order to get back to its roots and sounds, the best recording studio is where he experienced rock music in the first place, the garage.

In place of the drumsticks come his goatie, more well groomed hair and of course the school boy looks that tells you that hard work and a lot of creativity will take you very far. This time around, he has involved some legends including his former bandmate Krist Novoselic (if you haven’t already know, the former Nirvana bassist) in the track ‘I Should Have Known’. He also paid tribute to Bob Mould in ‘Dear Rosemary’ which further escalates the homage paid to raw rock music. So most if not all of the other tracks in this album, you will find Grohl and his band at their best and if you are a hard rocker, then this is the one CD which you can put into your car stereo, turn up the volume (and bass) and cruise on…

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