New Beyoncé’s album ‘4’ fails to impress

The first words is ‘welcome back, Beyonce’. It has been a while since we last heard from here but while the likes of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga enjoyed some success with their recent offerings (Femme Fatale and Born This way) it seems that Beyonce still need to get her act straight if she is to command any sort of similar success.

Her first 2 singles namely ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ sounds a bit lackluster to be honest and throughout the whole album it felt as if this is one album that you might want to miss, unless of course you are big fan of hers (or Destiny’s Child, for that matter).

The music industry is currently dominated with new, edgy personas with the likes of Keisha and Jenny J so there really aren’t that many spots left for divas like Beyonce. Even Mariah is doing some soul searching and reinvention herself, so it is somewhat difficult to give credit where its due for this album.  It would be an album worth collecting if you are into the more soul and R&B type of music which she has come to be associated to in recent years but one just cannot see it soaring up the charts, not this round Beyonce.

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