Moby releases more mellow and down tempo Destroyed

Moby’s latest release is entitled ‘Destroyed’ and not one cannot be sure if he was referring to the music or just his musical career. Well, this would be his tenth studio album and this dance legend has been giving the world his take on music and all that came within his understanding and interpretation although somehow, this time around, it feels somewhat a bit too personal. The UK release (which took place last week) came with an accompanying book which is sold separately for £25 and it pretty much gives you a complementary image of the album.

It is undeniable that one tend to compare this (and his previous albums) with ‘Play’ when Moby burst into the scene back in 1999 but if you are to do that, then it might not work for you. Play enjoyed so much success on the charts and in dance floors all around the world because it was made for the industry. It was music which called on the world to sit up and take notice. And in ‘Destroyed’, it wouldn’t.

Probably because somehow this sounds like the more mellow and down-tempo Moby who kicked off the album with ‘The Broken Places’ and it is Café Del Mar all over again. It has a serious gospel sound to in on a whole and that makes it unique in its own accord. As you move on you find that his trademark began manifesting itself although it gets lost in translation at times. But all in all, the standard Moby sounds are pretty strong throughout. The track ‘The Violent Bear it Away’ which comes towards the last part of the album reminds you of what Moby is known for. The infectious piano riff and the standard techno beat (although being subtly faded into the background) is just mesmerizing.

Other tracks like ‘Lie Down in Darkness’, ‘Stella Maris’, ‘When You Are Old’ are all nice touches to be included in this album but as mentioned, this is so much mellower than the Moby that most would have known. It makes it nice to listen to, slower than many of his previous works but somewhat has more soul that ‘Wait For Me’ although you might not want to expect any of his beats back in the ‘Play’ days.

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