Maroon 5 – Hands All Over

 Maroon 5’s latest album has quite a lot of offer. Frontman Adam Levine has been able to project the distinctive sound of the band to a level which not many band could in any way emulate. In doing so, he has given a unique sound with his songs that have taken the world by storm. Yet there are many who claim that Maroon 5’s sound is a bit too manufactured and this is what Levine has been trying to avoid.

Levine has pointed out repeatedly that the band writes its own songs and material and that they are anything but a manufactured pop band. In fact, they epitomizes what a lot of other bands and legends are made of, starting off in a home garage (in Los Angeles) and had then started as Kara’s Flowers where they played some very grunge music. Having said that, it still does not escape the fact that Maroon 5’s rise to stardom came at a time when the integrating of music genre’s are in demand. So it is hard to coin them as a full rock band as they have music which deals with breakups, sex and a bit of rock and roll.

Their single ‘Never Gonna Leave this Bed’ and  ‘Misery’ have been played to death on radio stations worldwide and they are currently in a world tour where they currently in Asia, playing in sell out arenas. But again, with what they have known to do, it is hard to see them doing anything different which could suggest even the slightest of grunge. In fact, it would be more convenient and easy to categorize Maroon 5’s new album as pop. After all, this is the post-Sum41 and Maroon 5 is still rocking. So unless you are a true Maroon 5 fan, there really is not much to expect from this album except the unique Adam Levine-Maroon 5 tracks.

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