Pitbull’s ‘Planet Pit’ is very ‘sex’y

Like it or not, this guy is currently the man of the hour. If you still do not know who Pitbull is, he is the man ‘sort of’ responsible for the resurrection of Jennifer Lopez’s musical career with her latest single ‘On the Floor’ and if that is not good enough, he also collaborated with J.Lo’s husband Marc Anthony on his latest single ‘Rain Over Me’.
Now how many people can boast of a collaboration with one of the most illustrious couple in Hollywood

This man, Armandon Perez’s sixth studio album will be one to lookout for because if he can help international artistes like Shakira, Paulina Rubio, Janet Jackson, Belinda, Sean Kingston, Baby Bash, Backstreet Boys, DJ Khaled, Akon, Lil Jon in such collaborations, he really can do wonders. His new album is where you are entertained by some cool sounds produced by Dr Luke and RedOne.

The Cuban-American legend’s new album starts with Mr Worldwide where he starts with his alter ego. Seriously, this is who he is and he is not scared to portray it. Enrique Iglesias is up with the track ‘Give Me Everything’ while his work with Marc Anthony ‘Rain Over Me’ and its all about hip hop all over like the track ‘Pause’, ‘Come N Go’ and ‘Love International’ are all equally notable. Well, if you think its all about sex, then you will be gravely wrong as he kind of serenades with ‘Castle Made of Sand’.

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