Lenka latest album ‘Two’ not as edgy as expected

The name Lenka perhaps would string a note with you after her first album which did extremely well in many markets. Who wouldn’t have heard her successful and very haunting ‘The Show’ and ‘Trouble’ which have been played to death over the airwaves, on the television including being used as trailer soundtracks all around?

Who would not have had the notion of ‘Lenka Who?’ and then found out that she is the one belting out that very infectious “I’m just a little girl… caught in the middle….” song.

But to say that Lenka has been successful would exert a certain amount of pressure for the Australian to come up with a follow-up success with her second album simply entitled ‘Two’. The first album was fresh, interesting, creative and good. How do one follow up with such success? It is hard and Lenka does not seemed to be doing well in this area.

Perhaps she should focus on doing what she does best, creating music which are synonymous to her personality and character. But in ‘Two’, you cannot but get the feeling that she is trying too hard to do a better album as compared to her first, where she kind of fail miserably.

Hence, you get an album which have the likes of the first, especially with the track ‘Roll with the Punches’ which is catchy and most likely be the highlight here. As with the pop genre these days, the track is rich with instruments like strings, pipes and such including a choir so this would perhaps be the radio-friendly track in ‘Two’.

Perhaps the best selling point about Lenka’s music is in her unique, hoarse and innocent accent which she could best bank on. This is well manifested in “My Heart Skips a Beat” which is the second single here. Sadly apart from ‘Shocked Me Into Love’ which is another catchy track, there aren’t many more to shout about. Lenka is an artiste who either you will love to bits or you probably don’t know who she is. She does not have the persona big enough for people to notice and anyone who did cannot help but like her. But that is as far as it could go, this album has its moments and apart from that, nothing much else.

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