Lady Gaga’s Born This Way feeds the hungry

These days, its hard not to know who Lady Gaga is. These days, its harder not to hear a Lady Gaga song on radio. In fact, it seems that her songs are played every 5 minutes on a different station all the time. It feels as if no one can escape her in any way because Lady Gaga is big. And in saying so, we mean humungous BIG!!

The big problem with Gaga is that you cannot but observe her as a person instead of an artist sometimes. With her sense of dressing and fashion sense, it is somewhat difficult to take her music seriously. But one thing about Gaga is that she seemed to come across as a strong individual and hence with her new album with a simple title like ‘Born This Way’, it felt like she wanted the world to know her better.

But that seemed to be quite the closest you could get to knowing her better as her music then begin to creep into you. The title track had a very close resemblance to who she somehow resembles, Madonna. In fact, ‘Born This Way’ do sample that of Madonna’s music like “Express Yourself,” “Ray of Light” and “Vogue” and that might not be quite the type of music that goes very well with the critics.

The type of resemblance is kind of hard because there are just too many similarities that you can draw Gaga with including the likes of Kelly Rowland, Journey and even Dr Alban, which is weird in many ways. With song titles like ‘Hair’, ‘Bad Kids’, ‘Bloody Mary’, ‘Americano’ and ‘Government Hooker’ you will be guaranteed of a techno-filled time throughout the album. In fact, if you are a big fan of Gaga, it feels like you just have your hunger fed. But if you are neutral, then it might not work for you as there are basically beats all over and that’s about it all.

But if you are not a fan yet, then perhaps you could be changed. But towards the end of album, after all sanity has broken loose, you are treated with one last drop of it with ‘You and I’ where she down tempo everything and gives an emotional rendering of the number before ‘The Edge of Glory’, which is also quite a different take from Gaga. Don’t expect Gaga to do wonders, just let her do what she does best and you will enjoy the album. Otherwise you won’t. Period!

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