Katy Perry: Teenage Dream

Katy Perry’s sophomore album seemed to have the right ingredients to propel her to most stardom. This is because, the just not too long ago, many passed her on as just another prima donna in the pop scene, boosting extra elaborate costumes, singing about love, sex and a lot of rock and roll. In fact, she seemed to be very comfortable about the issue of sex in the first album giving the world an impression that she is using the best selling issue in her music. Getting married to Russell Brand did not help her image either.

But with her second album Teenage Dream, Katy Perry has proven that she is pretty strong with her music background and such inclination is pushing her higher the into the global chart. In fact, she seemed to be adamant about what she is selling. To a certain extent, it looked as if this is just a continuation of her previous album and she is doing it so well, it looked so effortless.

And so you have her second album now and with her singles climbing up the charts which by now you would be humming and singing along with the likes of California Girls, Teenage Dream and of course her latest single E.T. You would by now get accustomed to her sense of humour in her music, her sense of loss in her lyrics, and probably her sense of dressing, which is uncommon.

This is an album which you will either like or hate. In fact, there seemed to be quite a lot that she has accomplished up until this point especially in her songwriting and composition where she has been able to garner a huge following in her music. If you liked her first album, chances are you will love this. If you liked her 50’s styled pop music compositions, then this album will definitely quench your desire for more (or her). But if you are new to her music, it might serve as the right education platform and if you in for the music in its truest sense, it might be too ‘manufactured’ for you.

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