Incubus – If Not Now, When

Incubus is a band who has been around for quite a while now. In fact, it is one of the most ‘mature’ bands which still keep their roots in their musical background and experiences.
Brandon Boyd’s composition has always been adult with his metaphorical stories in the lyrics. This is one trait from Incubus which many bands today just cannot seemed to do, no matter if anyone tried. Still going strong after so many years since their
breakthrough hit ‘Drive’, Incubus is still very much going strong and their latest album is testimony that if you believe in what you do, you will go very far.

The title track ‘If Not Now, When?’ is already doing extremely well around the world and they are on a tour into Asia, with Malaysia being one of their stops. It can cut both ways for this album because on one hand, it shows the power of music at its best, and Incubus does it so excellently. However, for the fans, it might be a bit ‘tiring’ without much new material to show. In fact, it felt like an extension of their previous efforts with some minor changes here. Still, Boyd’s voice is strong enough to carry the tunes far with some rare instances like the pianos on ‘Promises, Promises” and ‘Thieves’ too providing some new approach to the music.

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