Death Cab for Cutie ‘Codes and Keys’

The yet to be internationally released new album ‘Codes and Keys’ by Death Cab for Cutie is perhaps one of the most anticipated albums around as the band.

If you haven’t already know, the band has been around for a long time now where they started off some 15 years ago. Since then, they have already released 7 albums and this is where the challenge gets somewhat harder with more acts coming out with different creative takes on music.

But ‘Codes and Keys’ seemed to be a report card of some kind. It feels like Death Cab has been improving themselves throughout their 7 albums and with their latest one, they finally found the sound that suit them which they have fine tuned to the fullest. If the name of the band gives you the impression that this is one of those teenage rock bands trying to make it out of their garage, then you are wrong because they now offer a sound which tells the world that ‘we have grown up’.

They no longer focus on how rock bands used to play, a lot of guitars, some bass and riffs and there you go. This is a move away from ‘Narrow Stars’ which was very ‘rock’. It is a bit more edgy and very experimental without the ‘trial and error’ feeling.

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