Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops and Hooligans

‘I wanna be a billionaire… so freaking bad…’ who would not have heard of this song. In fact, the artist known to have made the phrase word so ‘freaking’ famous, Bruno Mars is currently the number one act in the world in many ways. This is because he does not come with the boyish looks of most boy bands have. He does not have any controversial dressing sense which some artistes need to have in order to be noticed. The one cool thing about Bruno Mars is that his music speaks for themselves. And they are pretty good.
Having a number one single and album on the charts meant that Mars is, like his namesake, in Mars. Apart from the chart success ‘I Wanna Be A Billionaire’ he has had a string of other hits which is making him more famous than he already is. The Hawaiian born song writer and producer has already made his name in the industry after his recent collaborations with the likes of Travie McCoy and BoB.

In his album Doo-Wops and Hooligans, there is quite a lot of genre to choose from if that is what you might be looking for as there is some jazz, some hip-hop, some 60s soul and a lot of quality. ‘Just the Way You Are’ is another radio-friendly and catchy tune which you would most likely groove to while ‘Grenade’ is also quite a gem here.

The thing about Bruno Mars is that he plays his own instruments and at the age of 25, he seemed to be way ahead of his age in trying to make a name for himself. And if you watch him perform, he seemed to embrace the limelight so well that you kind of think that he has been doing this for about 20 years at least. He is comfortable and his music comes at a time when the industry has too much hip-hop, too much school boy rock, too much Idol-infested artistes and just too little of great quality music. No one really knew how big Mars could become in the future but with his music sitting at the pinnacle of the charts, it is not surprising to see him growing from strength to strength.

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