Blink-182 – ‘Neighborhoods’

Blink 182 is one of the pioneer modern rock bands. In their sixth offering entitled ‘Neighborhoods’, they are looking to tell the world to take them seriously. Since bursting (literally) into the music scene in 2003, Blink 182 had not looked back and has established themselves as one of the serious hard rockers of the modern world. Their pop cultured style was very much certain and in their last album, they went through some soul searching and came out with an experimental album which met with some mixed reviews.

With this new outing, Blink 182 is showing that they are not merely a rock band made of guitars, bass and drums but one which can handle the pressure of growing older and mature. This is an album where they want to tell you to sit up and listen to them and it is time to take them seriously. It feels as if Green Day had decided to pull off a The Eagles tour.

But one thing about this album is that they seemed to have done it so well because the music is now more matured and the songwriting has moved on from its lovesick fools to a more adult contemporary stance, and the fact that they seemed so comfortable and at ease with all that proves that they have reached that point. ‘Ghost on the Dancefloor’ and ‘Up All Night’ are just some of the notable tracks here although if you are looking for something along the likes of the ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’, you might be left disappointed.

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