Sam Tsui – Youtube Sensations

Sam Tsui is a singer who became popular through YouTube. Born in 1989, he gained popularity through his own music video productions of singing cover versions of current chart hits through YouTube and has enjoyed millions of views on his works. Born in Blue Bell in Pennsylvania, he has been actively producing his own work and posting on YouTube since 2008. The Chinese American musician is one of the latest internet celebrity who recently graduated from Yale University.

Some of his most viewed videos are basically ‘mash-ups’ while he is also known to have produced exceptionally professional videos of his songs. Tsui is known to collaborate very much with Kurt Schneider who is his producer. He has been working with Schneider since high school where they both attended Yale University together. The current ‘KurtHugoSchneider’ channel on YouTube is one of the highest channels with more than 260 million views currently. ‘Just a Dream’ itself has already garnered more than30 million views. He has also been involved with production where he and Schneider made a comedy web series called ‘College Musical’. His cover version of Britney Spears’ ‘Hold it Against Me’ has also been featured on Spears’ official site while Tsui had also worked on his own material that include ‘Start Again’.

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