Boyce Avenue – Latest Youtube sensations

Boyce Avenue is one of the latest YouTube sensations of the moment. It is basically a trio musical band which began in Sarasota in Florida and has been performing together since 2004. Represented by 3 Peace Records, they are currently one of the highest viewed bands on YouTube. The members of the band is made up of Alejandro Manzano, Daniel Manzanoa and Fabian Manzano. Calling themselves an acoustic rock band, the three brothers came up with the name through the 2 streets they grew up in.

They were previously represented by Universal Republic but has since formed their own label in early August, 2011. Boyce Avenue gained online stardom through rendering cover versions of current hits although they have their own singles. Daniel moved back to Florida after he finished law in Harvard and in 2006 started posting videos on YouTube where they played mainly covers and some of their own material. They have also performed live while some of their cover versions have garnered more than 11million hits on YouTube. In recent times, hits on Boyce Avenue has reached more than 300 million views behind Linkin Park with covers like Teenage Dream (Katy Perry), Just the Way You are (Bruno Mars) as well as Jars of Hearts (Cristina Perri). Their own material include ‘Every Breathe’, and ‘When the Lights Die’

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