Weird Al Yankovich – Alpocalyse – not the best, but not bad either

You know you are in for a wild goose chase when the name Weird Al Yankovich is mentioned with any sort of music release. So with his latest offering, it is no surprise that this man who made a career and gained much popularity making parodies out of top hits around the world is back again.

It is as if gaining a crash course on what are the latest hits to take note of currently because if the song is not ‘hot’, Al won’t cover it. And he is not letting any one slip away with his latest album entitled ‘ALpocalyse’. His last offering came about 5 years ago when he released ‘Straight Outta Lynwood’ and in order not to overstay his welcome, his albums does not come out as frequently as you would expect.

So what can we expect in his new album? Lady Gaga of course which apparently gave her blessings for Al to cover ‘Born This Way’ only weeks after she released the single. In Al’s version, ‘Perform This Way’ reads ‘maybe covered with bees, it does not mean I’m crazy’. The cool thing about Al is that he makes his songs sound pretty good and peculiarly ‘original’. Not his best album as yet but still very much up there with his better ones.

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