Tinie Tempah ft. Kelly Rowland: ‘Invincible’

Some reviewers have been less generous about the new single by Tinie Tempah which features Kelly Rowland. Sounding a bit too motivational, Kelly Rowland’s ability has not been too well used here. In fact, apart from the few repeating lines, there really is no need for her to even be involved in the first place.

So little is Rowland’s contribution that it could just have been anyone else. There has been so many tracks these days with a female voice in the background. Think Eminem’s ‘Stan’ that featured Dido and which propelled her to more things later.

But in this, it seemed that Rowland is not really playing much of a role here. In fact, it seemed that this is more a Tinie’s pet project than anything else. Apparently he wanted to get Rowland involved as he grew up listening to Destiny’s Child. Now that is not really that long ago.

The track is melodious in every sense but it just gets a bit boring after some time. The first impression will come if you watch the live version as it makes a whole of difference. If you heard it over radio, it will sound good the first time, and after the fifth time, you probably change the station.

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