The Royal Wedding – The Official Album

This album looks very much like one of those official soundtracks of movies, because in any case, it really is. This is your chance to relive the whole memorable event that saw Prince William wed Kate Middleton on April 29th.
The wedding was broadcasted live throughout the world with billions tuning in to watch and observe history in the making. So it was very much like a reality show but involves the British Royal family. So now, there you have it, a truly collectors’ item with this one on the music that celebrated the event of the heir to the British throne.

The album is very much a moment of glory consisting of tracks that were played at the Westminster Abbey during the big day and music by the like s of London Chamber Orchestra and Fanfare Team and the Choirs of Westminster Abbey and the Chapel Royal Choir under the lead of James of O’Donnell. Music of Sir William Walton, Sir Edward Elgar and Benjamin Britten are heard throughout. Well, if you were watching the whole event, you will know what actually happened otherwise, the album pretty much tells the story from when “The Arrival of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh – Fanfare conducted by Trumpet Major Grant Sewell-Jones to ‘The Vows’, ‘The Marriage’, ‘The Lesson’ all the way until the end of the event. A fairy tale album this one.

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