Recommended Book for Horror Fiction

Blood is the New Black

Author: Valerie Stivers

Don’t even think of comparing this book to The Devil Wears Prada. While editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly is just plain evil, the classic boss from hell, she is nothing in comparison to Lilian Hall, the editor-in-chief of Tasty. Poor intern Kate McAlliston not only has to deal with the crazy demands of Lilian but of the senior editors as well.

In a lucky twist of fate, the magazine finds out she is the daughter of famous designer, Eva 4 Eva, and quickly becomes Lilian’s pet staff. Even the other interns, who previously were condescending and patronising were suddenly her best friends. She never suspected anything was amiss, even when she thought she saw one of the senior editors lying dead in her office.

But things starts to fall into place especially when dead bodies of young women started to turn up at the industry parties the magazine staff attended – with their blood drained from their bodies. As Kate tries to save herself from the imminent danger, she find herself going deeper into the vampires’ lair.

Undead and Unappreciated: Undead and Unpopular

Author: Mary Janice Davidson

Book three and Book five in Davidson’s famous Undead series which narrates the undead life of tall, blond, shoes obsessed, reluctant queen of the undead, Elizabeth Taylor aka Betsy. She lives in a mansion, bought by her millionaire best friend, Jessica who lives there as well. Living together with them are gay doctor Marc, Betsy’s fiancé and consort Eric Sinclair (whom she loves to call Sink-lair) and Eric’s best friend and second in command, the old vampire Tina plus the assortment of people (and vampires, etc) who turns up every now and then.

In Undead and Unappreciated, Betsy learns she has a half-sister, Laura, who was birthed by Satan. She turns out to be a sweet young college girl with a clergyman father. Even weirder is the fact that Betsy’s stepmother gave birth to a baby boy who is only calm when he is with Betsy.

Undead and Unpopular finds Betsy celebrating her first anniversary as a vampire, her thirty-first birthday and planning her wedding at the same time. As politics has never been one of her strongest suit, she seeks solace with Jessica when European vampires visits to pay their respects only to find out that Jessica has a life threatening illness.

Unable to face life without her best friend, Betsy entertains the idea of turning Jessica into a vampire to save her life. With Eric dodging wedding plans, Betsy must figure out how to save Jessica and appease the enraged European vampires herself.

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