5 Tattoos to Avoid

Tattoos have long been regarded as body art and often serve as a “monument” for certain life changing events or epiphanies. While getting inked is relatively easy, getting them off is a different story altogether.

As there are good, there are bad tattoos! Yes, the ones you didn’t think through! Read before you weep!

The Name Tattoo

Perhaps the most unnecessary and least meaningful ink is the name tattoo. There isn’t a solid purpose behind it, unless you are an amnesiac or preparing for old age – lest you forget your own name. The only upside of this style of tattoo is that you can get to introduce yourself to people without actually intending to do it.

Celebrity Tattoos

We get it. You admire David Beckham and love his tattoos even more. But liking something doesn’t meant you have to imitate it (although imitation is the best form of flattery). It makes absolutely no sense to have the exact style and tattoo etched on your skin. It reeks of lack of originality, and chances are that you have got your own story to tell. Come up with your own creative and expressive design, one that means something to you.

The Vain Tattoo

It’s nice to get attention for your tattoos but getting it for the wrong reasons may ruin your first impressions. Tattoos that say ‘I love myself’ or ‘Princess’ or anything along those lines may reflect your own state of mind and how you view yourself, but unless it is a reminder to treat yourself kindly, it seems like you’re forcing people to see a side that may or may not sit well with them. After all, too much vanity is considered a sin, right?

The Lovers Tattoo

The idea of getting your significant others’ name tattooed on some part of your body for, well, forever is a romantic notion but it can end terribly. Unless you’re extremely confident that you are bound to one another in this life and to the next, it isn’t very wise to do so. Remember that the only thing permanent in life is change, but if you still would want to take the risk, by all means. Just imagine breaking up with them and then seeing their name tattooed across your chest or hands every day.

Eye See You

Why would you even want a second set of eyes on your body? And why would you place them on your chest, back or arms? Alright, perhaps it is of some significance, but these eyes are not going to be in top form in many more years to come and they’re going to look a little droopy or maybe squinty as you age.

Now that you know what to avoid, it’s best to spend some time looking at tattoo designs, artists and tattoo parlours, so you can zero in on designs you like. Check out Get Tattooed!

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