Adele – “Rolling In the Deep”

Currently sitting on top of the Billboard 100 ‘s chart, the latest single by Adele’s is entitled “Rolling In the Deep” and this would her first offering in her already second album called ‘21’.
The single is being played to death already on radios and televisions all over the world probably as it is the right time for something really refreshing. Adele’s haunting voice is something to be reckoned with really. For the first time in a very long time, we haven’t had anyone who is known for her voice abilities and we have been flooded with too much hip hop and lame pop music.

Seriously, this single keeps you asking for more and it sort of drives you to go out and buy her entire album for more reasons than one. If you are in the mood, it hits you on the right notes but if you are not, then it just gets you into one. This is just a teaser that Adele puts out so successfully. For starters, it might not be the easiest to classify her type of music but you cannot but deny that she goes into a more bluesy sort of genre and its powerful in every sense and this includes the song writing as well.

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