One of Malaysia’s most popular female singers of all time is Ziana Zain. Apart from singing, Ziana is known to be a multi-talented artiste who has been involved in acting, modelling and for her success in running her own business as well.

Born in 1968, her real name is Siti Roziana Binti Zin who was at the height of her fame around the early 90s. Ziana comes from a family of multi-talented artistes where her brother is Anuar Zain, another popular Malaysian celebrity in his own right. Her ‘Madah Berhelah’ album released in 1991 was her breakthrough into the local music scene which propelled her to fame where her career continued to flourish ever since.

Albums and Singles
Ziana’s debut single ‘Madah Berhelah’, which gave her the shot to fame remains as her signature single ever since it was released that exuded her talent and sultry vocals. From there, Ziana would continue to churn out hit after hit which have since mesmerized her audience including ‘Puncak Kasih’, ‘Anggapanmu’ and ‘Setia Ku Di Sini’, among others. After the first album, her self-titled album was released while ‘Setia Ku Di Sini’ came out in 1995 which went on to sell more than 175,000 copies. In that album, 5 singles were released which went on to top the charts not only in Malaysia but Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. Puncak Kasih was then released in 1997 while another self-titled album and ‘Aku Cinta Padamu’ followed a few years later.

Awards and achievements
Ziana won the ‘Voice of Asia’ in 1995 held in Kazakhstan and that practically enhanced her status as one of the top Malaysian acts in the region. Her third album actually won the ‘Best Female Vocalist in an Album’ at the Anugerah Industri Muzik award in 1996 and in 1998 won the Anugerah Juara Lagu’s ‘Best Ballad Song’ for ‘Puncak Kasih’.

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