The name Yuna is perhaps one of the most popular contemporary music Malaysian artistes, often striking a chord and associated with the Generation Y. Born as Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, her stage name is Yuna and still in her mid-twenties, this artiste has already made significant progress in the regional and global music industry with her unique blend of music. Yuna comes from Alor Setar, Kedah where she is known for music in the adult alternative and folk rock expressions.

Born in 1986, she started around 2008 and has been extremely active, touring around the world ever since.
It was during her time in university that she started actively participating in music where she wrote her own songs and performed them. It was when Indie-Pop, a US-based recording label discovered her that her musical career took off.

Albums and singles
Through Indie-Pop, Yuna was then signed on to FADER and ‘Decorate’, her first US EP was released. From there, Yuna roped in people like Farhan Fadzlishah aka Pa’an, Efry Arwis and Adib Azfar who became part of her band. In 2012, ‘Live Your Life’ was released on iTunes which was produced by Pharrel Williams and a month later, the video was released.
Yuna’s self-titled album will then be released in April that year which debuted at No.23on the Pop Chart and received some very positive reviews. Her following in MySpace, which was started in 2006 was attributed to her success in this industry.

Yuna won the National Youth Icon Award in 2012 for her achievements by the government of Malaysia while she was nominated for several others at some of the top music award shows. She won the Best Pop Vocalist at the 2008’s VMA Music Awards as well as the Most Performed Malay Song during the 2011 MACP Awards for the single ‘Dan Sebenarnya’.

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