Shila Amzah is a female Malaysian artiste who is very successful abroad. Unlike most Malaysian artistes, Shila created a name for herself not only within the country but abroad and more significantly in China for her singing abilities in the pop and R&B genres, among others while she has been very actively involved in other areas as well.

Shila Amza was born in 1990 in Kuala Lumpur and is multi-talented. She sings and writes songs while being involve in acting as well. As an artiste, Shila plays the keyboard and guitar. She burst into the scene at the tender age of 9 although no recording label dared to take the risk of signing her. She would then emerge as the first runner-up in the ‘One in a Million’ competition in 2009.

Albums and singles
Shila’s most notable song would be from her first album entitled ‘Yang Istimewa’ which was launched with the audience of Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. After the competition, she produced the album ‘Bebaskan’ which was under the Monkey Bone label before recording ‘Patah Seribu’ for the 3 Suara project by Kevin Chin.

Awards and achievements
In 2012, Shila’s career took a major turn when she won the Asian Wave competition, a reality singing talent show in Shanghai, China. She sang Jaclyn Victor’s ‘Gemilang’, Bruno Mars’ ‘Grenade’ and Na Ying’s ‘Zheng Fu’. Ever since then, Shila has become a household name not only in Malaysia but in China where she is known for her singing abilities and her bubbly stage personality which has won the hearts of her audiences and fans over.

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