Nikki is the stage name for Nicolette Louisa Palikat, a Malaysian singer who comes from Sabah. She was born in 1985 in Berrien Springs, Michigan in the United States where her origins is actually from Tambunan in Sabah. The pop singer has been involved in the Malaysian entertainment industry since 2004 where she first rose to stardom through her participation in the first season of the locally produced Malaysian Idol. The singer is of Dusun descent where she is married to local composer, Audi Mok.

Nikki’s rendition of Emotions by Mariah Carey took the judges by surprise when she auditioned for the Malaysian Idol in Sarawak where she would progress to the final stages of the competition. Throughout the competition, she was tipped as one of the favourites to win the competition only to be voted out at the Top 6 stage.

Albums and Singles
After Malaysian Idol, Nikki released her first album under the Artistes United Records label entitled ‘Maharani’ which demonstrated her unique ability to sing and whistle concurrently. She would then release ‘Pinta’ her debut single before releasing ‘Caramu’. In 2008, Nikki released her second album entitled ‘Hawa’ which saw the release of ‘Relakan’ and ‘Selamat Tinggal’ singles.

Although Nikki did not win the Malaysian Idol competition, her vocal prowess and ability saw her releasing albums while her collaboration with Zahid in ‘Caramu’ saw them winning the Best Vocal Duo award at Anugerah Era 2006. Apart from that, she has worked with other established artistes like Yanie in the single release of Drama by Malaysian diva Ning Baizura.

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