The single ‘What you Waiting For’ is perhaps one of the most infectious songs to be played on radio by a Malaysian artiste and this was the work of Mizz Nina, otherwise known as Shazrina binti Azman. Born in 1980, Mizz Nina’s career in the music industry came about when she was part of the Teh Tarik Crew during the 90s. As a solo artiste, Mizz Nina is known for her music in the hip-hop, electropop and R&B genres where she plays the piano and drums. Mizz Nina is among the few Malaysian artistes who sings in English Language and Bahasa Malaysia where she is involved in songwriting as well. She is married to Noh Salleh, the vocalist for Hujan where her father is Tan Sri Dato Azman Hashim, the chairman of Ambank Group, one of the major banking groups in Malaysia.

Albums and Singles
Mizz Nina started with the Teh Tarik Crew which was one of the earliest hip-hop groups which released the album ‘How’s the Level?’ with much success and on to their second album ‘What’s Next?’ both of which garnered 2 AIM nominations. When the group disbanded in 2007, Mizz Nina went solo. ‘What you Waiting For’ was the first single she collaborated with Colby O’Donis, while in ‘Takeover’, she collaborated with Flo Rida, a well-known American rapper.
She would then release ‘With You’ in 2012 which was the same year her second album ‘Takeover’ was released’ that brought about ‘Summer Burning’ followed by ‘Around the World’

As a solo artiste, Mizz Nina has yet to win any awards but she has been involved in some of the top shows around the world. She had once hosted the MTV Iggy Show in Times Square in New York City as well as the MTV World Stage 2012. Apart from that, she was the opening act for Pitbull’s Malaysia concert in 2011 while running her own fashion label, MIzz Demeanor and Madeena Clothing.

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