Liyana Fizi is a multi-talented Malaysian artiste. She came into the limelight as being one of the founding members of Estrella, a Malaysian indie-pop band. She was the singer for the group and when the contract expired, Liyana decided to venture out as a solo artiste. Known for her performances with her acoustic guitar, Liyana’s folk pop musical genre has associated her with some of the top acts around the world including a duet with Richard Marx while she has been involved in many gigs around the world.

Born in 1983 in Kuala Lumpur, Liyana is involved not only in singing but she is an established songwriter, musician and producer as well. Her previous engagement with Estrella since 2006 has provided the perfect avenue to chart her solo career in which she has produced some of their biggest hits.

Albums and Singles
With Estrella, the self-titled album was released in 2007 and created waves within the music industry while as a solo artiste, she released her debut album in 2011 entitled ‘Between the Lines’. The album included 10 tracks which were written by her and produced uner Liyana Fizi Music Publishing.

Liyana is still building her solo career but her achievements with Estrella has been extremely remarkable where the group was nominated for 8 awards at the 2008 Voize Independent Music Awards. It must however be noted that Estrella has been considered as one of the top acts in the music industry despite not winning awards by virtue of its indie-pop genre which was still at its early stages that time.

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