Joe Flizzow is one of the top Malaysian hip-hop artistes in the regional entertainment industry today. He is mostly known for his earlier works in the group Too Phat which propelled him to stardom before going solo and has been actively involved in the Malaysian entertainment industry ever since.

Born in 1979, Joe Flizzow’s eral name is Johan Ishak where he comes from Johor Bahru. When he was with Too Phat, he used the stage name of ‘The President’ together with ‘The General’ whose real name is Malique Ibrahim and Doctah’K. Too Phat was very popular when they started in 1999 and continued to be active until 2006 before the trio broke up.

Albums and Singles
The first single that was released by the trio was Lil Fingaz while Too Phat Baby became one of the hottest singles on local radio stations at the turn of the century. The album ‘whuttadilly?’ while Plan B too enjoyed a lot of success. Through several collaborations, Joe’s involvement in music became more prominent especially in his work with international hip-hop artistes including Warren G while their 2005 album ‘Rebirth into Reality’ featured the song with Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Dua Dunia.

Awards and achievements
Despite his popularity as an artiste, Joe Flizzow only released his first solo album in 2008 entitled ‘The President’ while he is very much involved in many other projects. This includes his own label ‘State of Mine Caps’ while he has appeared in numerous commercials, reality shows and continues to be a spokesman for several top Malaysian brands.

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