Gary Chaw is one of the few Malaysian artistes who enjoyed considerable success in markets outside of Malaysia. Apart from his home in Malaysia, Gary Chaw who is known as Gary Cao or Cao Ce has achieved a lot of success in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Born in Kota Belud in Sabah, Gary is known for his multi-lingual skills. He lived with his grandfather when he was only 11 months old after his parents separated and started studying in Canada before he was even 10 years old. He would then study Engineering in New Zealand and rose into the spotlight when he was seen singing the A-Mei-inspired song Ting Hai. That was in 2001. He bought a one-way ticket to Taiwan a year later to try and make it into the entertainment industry. He was turned down for being ‘ugly’ which pushed him into depression and even suicide.
After several turn of events, his perseverance paid off and he recovered from there, winning several awards and even called the Best Asian Male Singer by several media in 2010.

Albums and Songs
Gary’s most popular song would be his Mandarin version of ‘Superwoman’ which propelled him into the spotlight while he wrote several songs for S.H.E, Aaron Kwok and Cyndi Wang with mush success.

Perhaps the most notable award that Gary has won is the Best Mandarin Male Singer when he sang ‘Superwoman’ at the 19th Golden Melody Awards. Apart from that, he took home the Best New Male Artist (Gold) at the Hong Kong TVB8 Awards, the Best Composer awarded by the Malaysia Entertainment Association and the Best Performance at the 2007 Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards, among others.

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