Fish Leong is one of the few Malaysian artistes who has been hugely successful outside the country. Born in 1978, Fish Leong is the stage name that she use which was formerly Jasmine Leong. The singer comes from Negeri Sembilan where she has been actively involved in the entertainment industry since 1997. She is known as the ‘Queen of Love Songs’ particularly for her focus in love ballads which have been very popular around the region especially in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan and her hometown in Malaysia.

Fish comes from Bahau in Seremban and burst into the entertainment industry when Rock Records signed her on where she would grow in popularity after that.

Albums and singles
Fish’s debut album ‘Yi Ye Zhang Da’ was released in 1999 but it was only her second album ‘Yong Qi’ which took the world by storm. In that album, she released the Michael Wong-written single ‘Courage’. In 2001, she released ‘Shining Star’ followed by ‘Sunrise’ a year later. Fish would continue to release albums almost every year that include ‘Beautiful’, ‘Wings of Love’, ‘Silk Road of Love’ before joining Universal Music where she released ‘What Love Songs Didn’t Tell You’ in 2010 and ‘Love in Heart’ 2 years later. Apart from that, she was involved in several compilation albums as well as her hugely successful concerts around the region.

Fish Leong has won several awards since she started out in 1999 where she won the ‘Most Popular KTV’ for her single ‘Courage’. In 2001, she won the Regional (Taiwan) Best Song of the Year for “Unconditionally For You” while continuing to garner some of the top music awards in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Malaysia including the Top 5 Female Vocalist at the 8th Global Chinese Music Awards.

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