Ash Nair is a multi-talented Malaysian entertainer whose real name is Ashvin Kumar Nair. Ash Nair is his stage name while he is often referred simply as Ash. Born in Ipoh, Perak in 1980, Ash burst into the Malaysian entertainment scene when he joined the second season of Malaysian Idol. That kick-started his music career and he has been involved in the industry ever since, performing his style of alternative and pop rock music. In Malaysian Idol, Ash finished as the fifth runner-up and was signed on by Greg Henderson. He would then chart his musical career further before venturing into other areas including acting.

Albums and Singles
Ash’s released his debut album entitled ‘Chameleon’ after Malaysian Idol with his single ‘A Day Before Tomorrow’. That single reached #1 in the local charts and was one of the most played singles on radio. In that album, there were 2 Bahasa Malaysia tracks out of the 10 which involved JD from Pop Shuvit and several other high profile people. After that, ‘Crazy’ was released’.

Awards and Achievements
Ash’s first album Chameleon remains as his most successful achievement where it garnered several nominations in the AIM and MACP awards. He then took his career up another notch when he was involved in a locally produced film and musical while starring in ‘Small Mission Enterprise (SME)’, a local comedy series. Apart from that, Ash will be involved in a series ‘Indian Summers’ by British Television and will be aired on Channel 4 in the UK and the PBS channel in the US in 2015.

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