Anuar Zain, whose real name is Shahrul Anuar Zain is one of the most popular Malaysian singers today. He is an award-winning artiste who has made a lot of progress in the Malaysian entertainment industry as well as around the region.

Anuar Zain is the brother of Ziana Zain, one of the most popular and illustrious female singers of all time. Born in Merlimau in Malacca in 1970, Anuar Zain’s introduction to the Malaysian market came about when he took home 2 of the top awards at the 1999’s AIM or Anugerah Industri Muzik. Before venturing into the singing industry, Anuar Zain worked as a flight steward with national flag-barrier Malaysian Airlines and modeled for American apparel brand, Dockers.

Albums and songs
Anuar Zain has several albums under his belt where his first was released in 1998 which got him to where he is today. His single ‘Bila Resah’ is among the most popular Malay songs while other songs include ‘Keabadian Cinta’, ‘Tinggalkan Aku’ and many others.
The most notable award that Anuar Zain won is the 1999 ‘Penyanyi Baru Lelaki Terbaik’ and the ‘Penyanyi Lelaki Terbaik’ at the AIM (Anugerah Industri Muzik) while he won the ‘Penyanyi Lelaki Solo/Kumpulan’ at the APH or Anugerah Personaliti Hiburan in 2002. Anuar Zain would go on to win several other top awards for male singers in the next decade including the Best Male Artiste at the Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) in 2008 while taking home the ‘Selebriti Lelaki Paling Bergaya’ at the Anugerah Stail Eh! 2008.

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