Born in 1989, Aizat Amdan is one of the fastest rising star in the Malaysian entertainment industry in recent years. His full name is Muhammad Aizat amdan where he was born in Kuala Lumpur. Aizat’s vocal abilities have given him a strong fan base where he is known for his music in the pop rock and pop genres. Aizat rose to stardom came about through his participation in the fifth edition of the locally popular Akademi Fantasia or AF where he is quite an establishedsongwriter and composer as well.

Although he only started his career in 2007, Aizat actually started singing and writing songs in hie early teams where he had performed in school level competitions that included ‘Lagu Kita’ featured in his debut album which he wrote when he was 15.

Albums and Singles
Since ‘graduating’ from Akademi Fantasia, Aizat has been steadily charting his music career in the Malaysian scene. He released 2 singles ‘Hanya Kau Yang Mampu’ and ‘Sahabat’ in 2007 where the former was among his most popular hits.
His released his first album ‘Percubaan Pertama’ which included the both the hit songs while his second album ‘Urusan Aizat Amdan’ included a few English songs as well.

Aizat has already garnered several top awards despite releasing only 2 albums which is considered a great achievement for an artiste of his age. At the 2009 Anugerah Industri Muzik, Aizat won the Best Vocal in a Song (Male) Award while he charted some very good results at the 2009’s 18th Discovery International Pop Music Festival in Varna, Bulgaria where he was among the Special Jury Award and 2nd runner up for the Best Song Category. Apart from that, Aizat won the Best Vocal Performance in a Song by New Male Artiste and the Most Popular Song based on Highest Download at the 2009’s Anugerah Planet Muzik.

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