Rihanna, ‘California King Bed’  takes you down memory lane

Rihanna, ‘California King Bed’ takes you down memory lane

Rihanna is perhaps one of the most unique artistes around today as her music ranges from a soulful hip hop to a bit of rock and then she can switches to pop before going all sentimental.
And that is just what she is doing with her new single entitled ‘California King Bed’. And this came hot on the heels of the recent chart topping ‘S&M’ where she gets all sexy and everything and now she slows down the tempo with her new offering.

This is the follow up single from her latest album ‘Loud’ and it is very interesting to hear this from her and seriously, the first time I heard the song, it did not really occur to me that this was Rihanna. In fact for a while it went along the likes of Taylor Swift or even LeAnn Rimes. And when you actually watch the music video and find out who actually sang the song, it became clear that only someone like Rihanna could pull off such a move so flawlessly.

It has a cool acoustic guitar prologue to it and then it she talks about how her once upon a time great relationship turned stale. No double codes there just the straightforward ‘In this California King Bed, we are 10 thousand miles apart’ and its all about her voice ability here where perhaps it is time for her to up the ante with her songwriting.

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