Lady Gaga’s Born This Way feeds the hungry

Lady Gaga

These days, its hard not to know who Lady Gaga is. These days, its harder not to hear a Lady Gaga song on radio. In fact, it seems that her songs are played every 5 minutes on a different station all the time. It feels as if no one can escape her in any way because Lady Gaga is big. And in saying so, we mean humungous BIG!!

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Moby releases more mellow and down tempo Destroyed

Moby's Destroyed

Moby’s latest release is entitled ‘Destroyed’ and not one cannot be sure if he was referring to the music or just his musical career. Well, this would be his tenth studio album and this dance legend has been giving the world his take on music and all that came within his understanding and interpretation although somehow, this time around, it feels somewhat a bit too personal. The UK release (which took place last week) came with an accompanying book which is sold separately for £25 and it pretty much gives you a complementary image of the album.

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Lenka latest album ‘Two’ not as edgy as expected

Lenka latest album ‘Two’

The name Lenka perhaps would string a note with you after her first album which did extremely well in many markets. Who wouldn’t have heard her successful and very haunting ‘The Show’ and ‘Trouble’ which have been played to death over the airwaves, on the television including being used as trailer soundtracks all around?

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Katy Perry: Teenage Dream

Katy Perry Teenage Dream

Katy Perry’s sophomore album seemed to have the right ingredients to propel her to most stardom. This is because, the just not too long ago, many passed her on as just another prima donna in the pop scene, boosting extra elaborate costumes, singing about love, sex and a lot of rock and roll. In fact, she seemed to be very comfortable about the issue of sex in the first album giving the world an impression that she is using the best selling issue in her music.

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Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops and Hooligans

Bruno Mars

‘I wanna be a billionaire… so freaking bad…’ who would not have heard of this song. In fact, the artist known to have made the phrase word so ‘freaking’ famous, Bruno Mars is currently the number one act in the world in many ways. This is because he does not come with the boyish looks of most boy bands have. He does not have any controversial dressing sense which some artistes need to have in order to be noticed. The one cool thing about Bruno Mars is that his music speaks for themselves. And they are pretty good.

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The Foo Fighters –Wasting Light

The Foo Fighters Wasting Light

The Foo Fighters is one of the most original, hard rocking and perhaps closest to its roots what with the likes of former Nirvana Dave Grohl’s at the helm of the band. And by saying original, this is as original as it can get as Grohl decided to record their seventh album at his home garage in California. And the result is explosively 11 tracks with the undiminishing rocking energy that Grohl has come to exude since his Nirvana days. In fact, it is hard to dispel the fact that Grohl is a rocker in his own accord without seeing him in the shadows of Cobain and co because of his energy.

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Maroon 5 – Hands All Over

Maroon 5 – Hands All Over

 Maroon 5’s latest album has quite a lot of offer. Frontman Adam Levine has been able to project the distinctive sound of the band to a level which not many band could in any way emulate. In doing so, he has given a unique sound with his songs that have taken the world by storm. Yet there are many who claim that Maroon 5’s sound is a bit too manufactured and this is what Levine has been trying to avoid.

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