Background Nikki is the stage name for Nicolette Louisa Palikat, a Malaysian singer who comes from Sabah. She was born in 1985 in Berrien Springs, Michigan in the United States where her origins is actually from Tambunan in Sabah. The pop singer has been involved in the Malaysian entertainment industry since 2004 where she first … Read moreNikki


Background Shahir is a renowned Malaysian singer. Born in September 5, 1988, Shahir is the stage name for this artiste whose real name is Ahmad Shahir Zawawi. Shahir is born in Ipoh, Perak where he is known for other roles in the entertainment industry including acting and hosting of shows. He is often referred to … Read moreShahir

Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth Tan is sometimes known as Elizabeth Swan and she is among the few Malaysian’s who has made their name in YouTube. She is so popular in cyberspace that she is sometimes called ‘the girl from youtube’ and burst into the limelight when she posted her original rendition of the track ‘Havoc’ made popular by … Read moreElizabeth Tan

Ash Nair

Background Ash Nair is a multi-talented Malaysian entertainer whose real name is Ashvin Kumar Nair. Ash Nair is his stage name while he is often referred simply as Ash. Born in Ipoh, Perak in 1980, Ash burst into the Malaysian entertainment scene when he joined the second season of Malaysian Idol. That kick-started his music … Read moreAsh Nair

Esther Applunius

Background Her full name is Elizabeth Applunius Chin where she is a Malaysian born singer with a very unique voice. Esther Applunius is the stage name for this Sabahan who was born in 1987. Esther has been actively involved in the Malaysian entertainment industry since the mid 90s where she mainly sings. Her father is … Read moreEsther Applunius

Zee Avi

Background Zee Avi is a Malaysian-born singer who has been very successful in the global music scene. She is often regarded to be one of those who set the pace and scene for indie pop and jazz singers from Malaysia to chart their careers in those genres. Zee Avi is the stage name for this … Read moreZee Avi

Mizz Nina

Background The single ‘What you Waiting For’ is perhaps one of the most infectious songs to be played on radio by a Malaysian artiste and this was the work of Mizz Nina, otherwise known as Shazrina binti Azman. Born in 1980, Mizz Nina’s career in the music industry came about when she was part of … Read moreMizz Nina

Liyana Fizi

Background Liyana Fizi is a multi-talented Malaysian artiste. She came into the limelight as being one of the founding members of Estrella, a Malaysian indie-pop band. She was the singer for the group and when the contract expired, Liyana decided to venture out as a solo artiste. Known for her performances with her acoustic guitar, … Read moreLiyana Fizi