FM.MY, Malaysia Radio Online is a Malaysian online radio portal. As the web community of Malaysia is filled with some very creative users, the portal is the platform to host radio programmes on the internet, allowing users of the portals to ‘host’ their own shows. the portal streams radio programmes of two nature, the first which are pre-determined by the portal and second those that the users derive.

You can choose to listen to any station at by clicking on the appropriate channel while if you are interested, you could also be your own DJ.

Daily shows has a range of shows and programmes daily hosted by our own in-house DJs that ranges from Rock, Pop, Jazz and classical. The shows are played daily by DJs who have through their own shows and thereby ‘graduated’ to become our in-house DJs.

User-hosted shows.

As a registered user of, you can stand to become our in-house hosts if your show are heard by many and members are tuning into your show daily. From there, we will provide you with a scheduled spot on our daily shows.

For a start, you can host your own show, give it a name and tell your friends about it, after that you can start deejaying at our ‘Member Channels’. Our editors will monitor the shows and when your traffic increased to a certain extend, then they will ‘graduate’ you to the main portal where you can enjoy a daily scheduled show.

Ratings and Music Reviews

Each programme or show in will receive ratings. The ratings are given based on number of listeners as well as some member ratings which will then be put in the Top Show of the Month chart. If your show is the top show of the month, you will receive a prize.

Malaysia Music Forum

FM Music Forum are chat-lounges where members of can constantly talk about what they would like to hear and what they think of a certain DJ.